Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bousquet Hands Over Intercom System

The Choiseul Secondary School, yesterday, was the reciepient of a complete intercom system. The ceremony which was covered by GIS started with prayers by Mrs. Brown, a teacher at the school and the National anthem. The principal briefed the students, about the purpose of this ceremony. An intercom system to be handed over to the school.
All this was made possible through the efforts of the Parliamentary Rep who during his address mentioned, "I was invited to a tour at a certain school and was impressed with the use of an intercom system at that school, and I immediately sought out funding for a system for your school." Mr. Bousquet told the students that this system will greatly enhance the school's communication system and would make the principal's work a lot easier. Mr. Bousquet said that the Ministry of Education helped with the installation of the system. "Through the Taiwanese Government your school will be the recipient of a pilot programme whereby a model farm will be establish here (applause) and this will be established early next year." Bousquet told the students.
In his remarks Mr. Augier, the principal said, "On behalf of the students and staff, I want to thank Mr. Bousquet for this valiant effort, and his vision to see the neccessity of this system for our school." On the matter of the model farm he echoed " We welcome this initiative, and I can assure my students that they will now be able to do their SBA's at the school.
The vote of thanks was move by a very eloquent student called Jessica.
The console for the system is based in the principal's office, and every classroom including the staffroom has a two-way speaker and mike component. The system is so sophisticated that the principal can speak and recieve a reply from each and every room which has the componenent or he can speak en bloc to the whole school. In fact he told the students at the ceremony that on the first day of school next term that the school's assembly will be conducted over the intercom from his office. Technology at work.

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