Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Drive-way and Ring road officially opened

The day was Sunday December 20, 2009 and the weather was magnificient. It was the opening ceremony of two projects funded by the ROC - Taiwan
The crowd started trickling in from about 1:00pm; the ceremony was scheduled to start at 3:00pm. By 2:30pm a massive crowd had gathered within the vicinity of where the ceremony was scheduled to take place. The children flocked the area, of course waiting for the ceremony to end so that they could get their toys as promised by the Parliamentary Rep.

They ceremony got underway at approximately 3:35pm with the Master of ceremony, Mr. Mc Arthur Phillip calling everyone to order. The proceedings commenced with prayers by well known community worker and religious activist Ms. Labadie, followed by the national anthems of St. Lucia and ROC - Taiwan.

The eloquent 17 yr. old Ms. Leslita Wison delivered the welcome remarks in which she made everyone feel at home. "...the Roblot community extends a warm welcome to our Parliamentary Rep, the Representative of the Republic of China - Taiwan, Mr. Charles Li, our invited guests and by extension everyone present for this ceremony. Please enjoy the ambience and the warmth of the residents of this humble community." she implored.
Mr. Charles Lee, Minister of the Embassy expressed regret at His Excellency Tom Chou's absence,he said, "Today, I am sure my Ambassador Tom Chou would wish to come, but he has a previous engagement, so I come on his behalf also on behalf of my collegues and members of the technical mission. For the past couple of years we have spent a lot of our resources in these constituency and this is not all , more is to come, ok. (applause) thank you. "
Mr. Lee went on to tell the audience of Mr. Bousquet's interest in their welfare by his constant visits to his office to forward the costituency's cause.
Mr. Bouquet, after informing the large crowd about his drive through the community with Mr. Lee told them, " What you are seeing now is the focus on those little things that make a big difference." (Applause) After a few phrases in Kweyol the Rep continued, " My friends we have a beautiful community
, we have a nice scenery,we have great oppurtunities, I want to do my best for you in the short time that I have left in this term. I don't know if you all will give me another chance, but I know that I have two more years to work with the people of this community. And I am telling you I don't want to take advantage of you." He went on to tell the people that in the two years remaining in his term, he wants to make sure that the projects started in these communities
are completed. He made special reference to the La Maze road.
Many residents directly affected by the drive-way and ring road expressed their gratitude to the ROC - Taiwan and the Parliamentary Rep for uplifting their standard of living.
Mr. Nixon, the designer and contractor of one of the projects expressed disgust at the constant promises that were made to the people about the construction of the drive-way. he went on to exprees relief at having it done . Thanks to bousquet he said.
The vote of thanks was moved by the Roblot representative at this year's Carnival Queen Pageant, Cristal. After showering words of thanks on The ROC _ Taiwan and the Rep, she went on to tell Mr. Bousquet that he will be rewarded generously in the ballot box for his valiant effort.
The ribbons to the entrance of both projects were cut by Cristal ably assisted by Mr. Lee and Mr. Bousquet.
The curtains came down on the ceremony and the children had their turn. Over 200 peices of toys brought in by the Rep to distribute among the kids from La maze, Roblot and Debreuil.
Guess you can imagine the rush and chaos.

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