Monday, December 07, 2009

UWP celebrates Election Anniversary

UWP's were out in the thousands celebrating their Party's 3rd election victory anniversary at the Dennery Secondary School grounds on Sunday December 6, 2009.The celebrations started with a church service at the Dennery Catholic church at 10 am, followed by a fun day for the entire family at the school grounds. This year's theme "Overcoming Challengies, Achieving Success."

The scene was bloco style with drinks, food and toys booths encircling the area. The yellow shirts displaying the respective Reps were in your face everywhere you turn - Guy Joseph, King, Mondesir, Montoute, and the others, even the chairman had shirts displaying his pic and saying "We love our chairman."

The rally started with the entertainers doing their thing - a quadrile band occupied the stage for about fifteen minutes, followed by Ras Africa and then Menel.

Their music was well recieved by the huge gathering.

It was time for the individual ministers to let the crowd know of their achievements and by extension the Party. Karl Daniel, the chairman gave a brief history of the party's achievements and praising the Prime Minister for his financial prudence in managing the economy thoughout this global crisis. Each Minister gave their piece and at times being particularly hard on the Leader of the Opposition. Federick made no bones about letting the crowd know that, "Kenny cannot manage the country's financies." He went on to give a number of analogies to substantiate his point. (Check the video) The crowd was all fired up when Federick went ino ex-tempo mode with the crowd responding to his short lines with "More shit, more shit."

Guy in his usual theatrics stuck to mismanagement of the previous administration and his favourite phrase "cost overruns"

All in all, the critics must have been surprised to see the massive support the UWP still commands inspite of the propaganda which the Labour Party continues to spew against the Party in the country.

Great Rally! Massive turnout!