Friday, January 01, 2010

Flashback: Bousquet's 2009 Achievements

First of all let me wish our readers a Happy and Prosperous 2010.

Some may argue that Rufus Bousquet should have done more, while others will tell, you so far he's on the right track.

Representing Choiseul is no easy feat, and that's one of the reasons why we have had such dismall representation by previous MP's. The topography of the district lends to this, plus the very nature of the people. Everbody or community wants a field/court or something. There seems to lack the sense of sharing among them.

Bousquet's task is a mammoth one and inspite of not being able to please every community, he has been able to come up with a number of projects ,of course most of them sponsored by the generous Government of ROC - Taiwan, both raising the standard of living within the district and of course offering some form of employment to many.

To compliment all of this, is the Rep's personal contributions to the needy, the disabled, the unfortunate, and the schools in the district.
Every single computer in the IT section at the Choiseul Secondary School was upgraded. And to top it all up the school recently had a complete intercom sysyem installed. The Principal can stay in his office and speak with any class he chooses and they in return can talk back.

Bousquet has donated computers, and printers to at least four schools. One will remember that in August he presented five Common Entrance students with laptops and printers.

A number of footpaths, and drive-ways have been constructed in a number of communities thus elevating the standard of living. Adding to this is also the construction of three bridges at Jetrine and Delcer. Road rehabilitation projects have been undertaken are at Bois 'Inde, La Maze, Morne Jacques and Dacretin.

The major road project which was completed in March was the construction of the Dugard/Morne Jacques road which was constructed at an estimated cost of $.1.3M
The ongoing Delcer irrigation project is a master piece,wherby the farmers of Industry,La Pointe and Delcer will be able to access untreated piped water for the purpose of irrigation. The first phase is being done at an estimated cost of 1.3M.

On the line of sports, two playing fields were upgraded in Dacretin (Coco) and Caffierre as well as the one from Balca.

The cricket teams of Industry and Fiette got a complete set of cricket gear,while the football teams of Balca, Jetrine, and Londonderry got donations of $2000.00 each to buy gear. The Choiseul Sports Council was presented with a cheque to the sum of $5000.00 for the administration of the JMD Football Competition.

Lighting for the Multi-purpose court in La fargue was completed to the tune of$45,000.00, and now night games are being played by the youth. A mini court was constructed in the village.

Two major stimulus programs coined "Easter Stimulus Package" and Christmas Stimulus Package" saw the pumping of $100,000.00, each into the hands of the constituents to cushion the hard economic times.

The Mongouge residents are happy as work has started on the construction of their Multi-purpose Centre at an estimated cost of $475,000.00.This centre is to house a library, a kitchenette, an IT centre and and large hall.

On the cultural side Bousquet presented a cheque of $10,000.00 to the Choiseul Carnival Committee for the upliftment of the art. He also donated T-shirts to the Gros Piton Eruption

It would not be complete if mention of a humanitarian gesture, to assist a young girl from Piaye to undergo surgery in Martinique, was not said.

Finally, 2009 was a good year for Choiseul, representation wise. Like I mentioned earlier, some will say he should have done more but this is debatable. Last but not least, the Government of the ROC - Taiwan must be commended for their donations towards many of the projects which were undertaken last year. For this, on behalf of the people of Choiseul and the District Rep, a hearty thanks.

Due to the length of this article pics showing Bousquet's achievements for last year could not be posted. However all pic will be posted tomorrow under the heading " Bousquet's Achievement Pics - 2009"

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