Friday, March 27, 2009

Taiwanese Ambassador to Tour Choiseul Constituency

The Parliamentary/District Representative has invited the Taiwanese Ambassador,His excellency,Mr. Tom Chou to take a tour of his Constituency, to observe completed as well as ongoing projects in the district
The Taiwnese Government has been very generous in offering assistance in the form of funding for most of these projects.
Recently a road was completed in the area to the tune of over $200,000.00. The Taiwan's Government has funded projects such as footpaths, community roads , renovations of houses,lighting of multi-purpose courts, sponsoring sports tournaments, donations etc.
The people of Choiseul are very grateful for such genererosity.
The Constituency Tour will will commence at La Fargue where the Ambassador will observe the lighting of the Court; afterwards they will move on to differenst communities where other projects have been completed.
High on the agenda will be an ongoing project in the Industry community where a 200 yds. footpath is being constructed.
The District Representative, on behalf of the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency wishes to thank the Taiwan's Government for all the projects which they have funded in the district and he looks forward for a continued working relation ship with the His Excellency.


Anonymous said...

Choiseulians are blessed to have Rufus as their Rep. The Taiwanese have avery good rapport with him and thus the support with projects. The Ambassador should be approached to help with two mini stands on the La Fargue field. Thanks to the Taiwanese.

Anonymous said...

The Taewan's ambassador is a God send for the people of Choiseul. Keep up the good work.