Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Rivere Doree Combined Gets a Computer

The Students, Principal and Staff of the Rivere Combined School showed a sign of relief on Wednesday February 18, 2009 when the Parliamentary/District Representative showed up to present them with a computer. Due to other commitments the presentation ceremony had to be postponed twice.
Mr. Bousquet was well recieved by a student who ushered him to his seat. The children whom were very excited greeted the Rep. with a thundering "Good afternoon Mr. Bousquet" followed by an exploding applause.
The Mistress of ceremony welcomed Mr. Bousquet, and the principal, in he remarks ,explained that from the time she was appointed to the post of principal, her school has been without a working computer, thus making her administrative work difficult. She thanked Mr, Bousquet for acknowledging her request and presenting the school with a much needed computer.
Mr. Bousquet in his presentation remarks said he was pleased to donate this computer on behalf of the Taiwanese government who made the donation at his request. Mr Bousquet told the students that it his his intention to lobby for more funds to be put into education in this country during meetings to discuss the budget.
The District Education Officer, Mr. Mathurin, thanked the Parliamentarian for taking time off his busy schhedule to make this presentation. He went on to say that in this technological age no school shoul be without a computer.
A small cultural activiy was put on by the sudents. As token of appreciation , a food basket was prensented to Mr. Bousquet,while the vote of thanks was moved by the very eloquent Zoe B. Nicholas, daughter of Huggins Nicholas.

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