Thursday, March 26, 2009

Choiseul Secondary Builds a Gazebo

According to to Oxford Student's Dictionary, Gazebo is a small building in the garden of a house, giving a wide view of the surroundings.
This what according to Mr. Boulogne, the Building Constuction and Woodwork teacher intends to build in the middle of the school yard.. The site on which the Gazebo is being constructed originally had a huge armand tree which offered much shade and enhanced the ambience of the school yard. It was chopped down; according to reports reaching me that there was too much work cleaning the fallen leaves whenever that tree decided to shed . What an excuse and whoever gave permission to chop the tree down has little environmental knowledge. A pity.
Hovever the building is being constructed by the students of the Building Construction class under the direction and supervision of the teacher.
It will be interesting to see what use Mr. Augier puts th?is building to. My guess, student watching?

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