Thursday, March 19, 2009

Choiseul Secondary's Youmg Leaders Club Take Their Message To Roblot Combined

They arrived at the Roblot School Compounds at 9:30 am sharp,full of energy, dressed in their green T-shirts and eager to spread their message. This was the Young Leaders Club of the Choiseul Secondary School.
After meeting with the school's Principal they waited a few moments to let the school assemble the children.
The Young ccording to Miss Velisha Frank, supervising teacher, ".... so that the Young Leaders.........could share their knowledge about the Green Revolution with younger students of different schools. We believe that you are never too young to conserve."
The Young Leaders cub was very impressive in delivering their message and this was evident as 1. the students were able to answer all five question posed to them by Zia Barnard, the presidet of the club and of course 2. the constant smile and nod of approval by Miss Velisha frank throughout the Club's delivery. Prises were given to the students who answered the questions.
If the message didn't hit home wel, you can bet the skit did. At the end the pricipal of the school, Mrs. Monica Bernard, thanked the Club and promoeto to see that the practices suggested by the Cub will be put into practice.

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