Thursday, March 12, 2009

Relief Comes to Some Village Residents

After numerous complains to the Choiseul Village Council, and with no action being taken relief has finally come to the residents of the village who live near the Choiseul river mouth. Thanks to the immediate response by the District Representative who was invited to the area by the concerned citizens to see their plight.
For many weeks now the these residents have been complaining about the stench and the increase in the population of mosquitoes caused by the blockage of the mouth of the river. The colour of the water has actually turned green as the stagnation has caused the increase in fungus. The residents showed sighs of relief as they witnessed works being done to clear the river's mouth.
Mr. Bousquet was very concerned and annoyed to see his people living under such conditions and ordered that the river mouth be unblocked at once to allow the free flow of the river into the sea. A loader was immediately contracted to take care of this annoying problem.
Bousquet to the Rescue!

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Anonymous said...

Choiseulians must now have realised that Bousquet is definetly the politician in their favour. They should be very grateful. He seems to be following his father's footsteps.