Friday, August 07, 2015

Is Rufus Setting The Battlefield?

In a previous post, may be in September  last year, I predicted that the last of Rufus Bousquet have not been seen when it comes to politics in Choiseul. I went on to state that the  local Constituency Branch Executive is deep in Rufus' back pocket, that it is not surprising if the Central Executive have a real battle yet  in store for them - Rufus's supporters vs  UWP hierarchy.

 Rufus was the guest on Hot Button Issue last night on Choice Tv. Wearing a beard now, not the handsome and self-conscious guy about his wardrobe while he was in ministerial affairs, he looked reasonably well, compared to his demeanor during election time in 2011. Was the guy really sick or was he putting on a show. Whichever, he paid the price.

After a few early visits to the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency just after his loss, he got involved in the  Branch politics  of the Constituency. Then his sudden disappearance and last his Sunday's  reappearance in the Constituency. This may demonstrate a form of mischief which he is contemplating  to unleash on the Constituents at any cost. It must not be misunderstood that the guy still has support there, but should this be his momentum to want Choiseulians to re-elect him.

It may be timely for him to make his appearances in the constituency and on Tv, since late last year we heard the political leader mention that by March this year he will have his candidates in  place. As for the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency, the selection of a new candidate is not clear cut. Rufus said last night on the show that it is too early for him to predict whether he will be running the seat or not, since no one has approached him. But once the people wants him, he will run. What does he mean by this? Do you see a confrontation in the making between Rufus and the Party's Hierarchy, fueled by the puppet executive? Well from what was gathered last night Rufus sure seems to be positioning his pawns for the onslaught when things are right.

It is being mentioned throughout the constituency in the watering holes that a number of persons are looking at the seat. One of them being  a prominent lawyer - Huggings Nicholas and another an executive manager - Tessa Jean. Let the games begin


Anonymous said...

Let's not question illness please. We never know when it comes knocking on our door. I do not support Rufus running again for Choiseul neither do I support Huggins. I am hoping that some other trust worthy candidate will come forward. Huggins has a trail that will present itself and it's not pretty.

Boss Logix said...

Anonymous, Thanks for commenting on the blog.I was not playing the sickness card to demean the guy. Simply to make aware that there seem to bee a complete turn around in his health status. It is your democratic right not to support a candidate who presents him/herself up for elections. My beef is not with Rufus the man, but rather his principles and agenda. This is the fundamental difference which persons need to understand.