Friday, November 13, 2015

Rape - A National Embarassment

    Flavia Cherry
    In a statement posted on her Facebook page Flavia Cherry strongly condemns the recent acts of violence against women presently taking place on island. Flavia Cherry is an entrepreneur who has spent her life working towards the cause of gender and social justice in St. Lucia and also in the Caribbean. Flavia is perhaps best known for her role in advocacy and action over the past twenty years. Her statement, according to "Choiseul on The Move" is a timely one. We at this blog are disgusted at the level of support given to the latest victims by those women in authority who profess to be in our women’s corner. Flavia's statement on behalf of CAFRA should be seen as a refresher for all those silent voices who continue not to stand in the forefront for our abused women and girls alike.
    Flavia is currently the Acting Chairperson of the Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action (CAFRA). This is the complete statement below.
    "This kind of sexual violence perpetrated against women even in the privacy of their homes is a national embarrassment and is the kind of violence that limits the ability of women and girls to reach their full potential and exercise their basic human rights. It must therefore be addressed with great urgency. We call upon the police to also inform the public of progress in relation to those cases.
    We call upon all state agencies and especially the Police Force to step up to the plate and conduct prompt and thorough investigations into all cases to bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice. We also call upon those responsible to ensure that those cases are handled within a short time frame within the judicial system, in order to avoid further frustration and victimization of those who are affected.
    We are disgusted and disappointed by the unacceptable rates of rapes which have been occurring in St. Lucia and condemn those horrendous acts in the strongest terms."
    One comment on her statement from Bebe Edwards reads - 
    "Too often these things are happening. We need our laws to be tightened and too often police say they are investigating and nothing more is being done to complete it.Those nasty men are out there raping the old and young sucking the life out of these people.Come on government of St.Lucia please try to put an end to this crisis."
    Yes! Flavia is back to bring this dynamism back in our women who seem to have gone silent  over the years.

    Bravo Flavy.....You took our breath away!!!!!!!!!!!

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