Monday, August 17, 2015

13 More Days - End Of Summer Beach Bash!

Summer time is always fun for everyone in this country. It is the time when school is out - summer schools are in session, the beaches are more crowded than normal,the children are up to more mischief and don't you forget the parents are clamoring for the reopening of school.
Well then, what better way to end this summer holidays than taking the whole family to this family beach event - "End of Summer Bash" at the Rivere Doree Beach.
Champion Crew is doing it again. You will recall the Annual Good Friday Cricketorama which used to take place at the Debreuil School grounds - the participation was always dynamic.
On August 30, 2015, Champion Crew invites all of St Lucia to this massive "First time" event. Its a massive bash with a bouillon flavour - Soccer small goal competition, toasting, karaoke, dominoes, swimming, drink beer competition, girls swim suit parading, men body building display, La Rose parade, and on top of this we've got the MOST POWERFUL sound system in Choiseul - BLAZING SOUNDS -  to rock the SESSION. Time: 10:00am
Nuff prizes to be won. 
So come on down to the RIVERE DOREE BEACH BASH AND END SUMMER IN A SMASHING WAY. The beach is neat sandy and wide with sparkling white sands.
The countdown  is on.........13 more days. Support this event - funds towards sporting equipment Security at best.

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