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The Ploy To Hijack The Choiseul UWP Constituency Chairmanship?

Rufus and Allen
Allen Chastanet is a thorn in Rufus’s side; the latter will do anything to cut Allen down. You should have heard him ranting on News Spin recently. Flip flopping all over the place in the name of the people of Choiseul and by extension, St Lucia. Give me a break!
Rufus, whether it is true or not it is alleged to have been known for a lot of unpleasant things; even more so during the 2006 general elections campaign. He is alleged to have gone under numerous names and those concerned during the campaign were wondering under which name he would register as a candidate. He is also alleged to have served  time in the USA. The last controversial inquiry into the use of Taiwanesse funds implicated him in dubious transactions. The Moroccan funds which he claimed he secured for the construction of a mini stadium for the La Fargue Playing Field never met its intended purpose.  News just coming to hand as I write this piece makes mention to him saying that the Moroccan funds were his personal funds. Phew! Bruce Tucker, as he is sometimes called, is at odds with caterers, agents and persons who carried out small contracts over monies due to them for works done. They claim he is a bad paymaster. And last but not least, it is alleged that he has been known to pay/update delegates dues and even marginalize the registered members to secure votes to support him at a convention,( Annison Hunte, in a statement to RCI confirmed this). He is well known to by any means necessary to secure ends which he sets his eyes on - just like he did Sunday past. The nature of the man!
And now, making the rounds, is the talk that Rufus is about to hijack the UWP Choiseul Branch in a move it is alleged, to secure a seat on the National Council – God know why.
 I was informed of this move in Vieux Fort by hopeful for the Choiseul seat this coming elections. He reiterated that his chances of being considered must be slim now if Rufus wins the chairmanship. According to the UWP Constitution on membership, persons applying to be members of the party must undergo a waiting period of between 7 to 14 days. The deadline for application for membership so that one could vote at the July 5, 2015 Branch Elections was June 30, 2015.
Silvanus Fontenard
 News of the outcome of this infamous meeting was posted online by a well-known co-founder/updater of the UWP Constitution, Silvanus Fontenard himself. His post reads, “Just a few weeks ago Bruce tucker described UWP as a group of mongrels but he is trying to worm his way in by conspiring with reds and other dirty tricksters to get rid of Allen Chastanet. The plan has been to secure the chairmanship of the Choiseul Branch thus gaining a national council vote to commence his dirty work. Just imagine people who applied to join the branch this week were allowed to pay their registration fees today and allowed to vote in order to get their friends into the executive to facilitate their dirty work. What shocked me though is that Nancy Charles enabled the process with the excuse that we should open the party to all persons who are interested. Clearly, this was a violation of the party’s Constitution. The question though is where these people were over the past 18 years since the reorganization of the UWP. Did they suddenly realize they wanted to be members today? So my warning Unitedpac St Lucia, Allen Chastanet and Ezekiel Joseph, be aware of Nancy - her actions suggests that she is part of the conspiracy to get you guys out. If you must know also, some members of the branch executive also helped to facilitate the process. So Unitedpac St Lucia, watch out and be prepared. The ex con and his criminal strategist are coming your way.”
Nancy Charles
There was something different at that meeting - there was tension, a sudden quietness, a lack of eye contacts between the instigators of the plan and honest members, a set of persons who in the past showed loyalty to Rufus, and nominations for positions started from the bottom instead of the top position. - you could just smell something was not right.
A few persons who became members at that meeting were elected on the new executive – a well calculated move by Rufus, and his henchmen led by Peter “Reds” Philip. What is even more interesting is the Chairman has held on to this position jealousy from times immemorial. Last branch elections he deliberately did not let his position be challenged. However this time around he is stepping down and one of the henchmen nominated him to be vice chairman – a calculated move to make room for Rufus as Chairman. But many persons are unaware of what is to come. The floor was opened for nomination for the position of Chairman and in a flash Rufus was nominated and seconded almost immediately. A move to close nominations was blocked by an intelligent person who also quickly nominated Brian Charles – that foiled Rufus’s plan. Brian Charles was seconded by members on the other side.  You could see the disappointment on the faces of Rufus’ gang. The run-off is due for July 26, 2015 – BRIAN vs RUFUS.
The new executive reads:
Chairman:                      Brian Charles and Rufus Bousquet (to be decided on 26/7/2015)
Vice Chairman:               Mr Gilbert Isaac
Mobilization Officer:       Martinus Thomas
Welfare Officer:              Peter Philip
Women's Affair:               Melanie Mitchel
Youth Officer:                 Kina Nicholas
Public Relations Officer: Christopher Gustave
Treasurer:                       Ignatius Jean
Secretary:                       Lima Jornacien
So what’s on Rufus’ mind as he makes his attempt to become the Chairman of the Branch Executive?  If he becomes Chairman he will automatically gain a seat on the National Council. Your guess is as good as mine as to what he intends to do. A man who has never had respect for the  Executive during his two tenures as Parliamentary Rep. Only when he found himself in opposition and he needed to achieve some political move he would think of them. One will recall that Choiseul on the Move predicted this move in a post, dated Monday 22, September, 2014 under the heading “UWP Choiseul Branch Exec Still in Rufus’ Back Pocket?” Here it is, in your face!

Claudius Preville
In his last radio interview on “News Spin” when asked to make his final comments, among other things he said, that St Lucians have to aware of persons who have ulterior motives who offer themselves to represent them. Omg, it’s such a pity he cannot see himself in this statement.
Rufus must stop using his stooges on the Branch Executive to achieve his political ends.  He did it at Saltibus, when he used Peter “Reds’ Philip to nominate Preville for the leadership of the Party, and here he is at it again. The fools refuse to learn.


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