Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Can Huggins Nicholas Bridge The Divide To Unseat Lorne?

The propaganda has begun! "Jimmy Haynes and Mr Neil Huggins has decided to support Mr Bousquet as candidate for Choiseul/Saltibus." A Rufus support group on Facebook posted. Jimmy quickly took offence with, "Contrary to a mischievous and misleading post on the 'Rufus 4 Choiseul' Facebook profile, I have not decided to support Mr. Rufus Bousquet as a candidate for Choiseul/Saltibus. Our meeting which was not planned included some very frank discussion about important issues and a mutual commitment to keep the doors of communication open in the interest of the people of Choiseul/Saltibus and the UWP. So whoever you are stop spreading rumours."
Rufus, running into Jimmy at  the Nicholas gas station was purely accidental.  Earlier reports reaching this blog suggests that the two men were in discussion which could have revealed much, but some other guy who it is alleged to be in Rufus' corner kept disrupting the flow of the conversation.
I spoke with both men. Here are their stories as to what transpired at the gas station on this eventful Saturday October 10, 2015.
L to R: Jimmy Haynes, Huggins Nicholas and Rufus Bousquet

I spoke with Jimmy first. Here is his story.

Dedan: Wats the story on this afternoon's event at the gas station?
Jimmy Haynes: Rufus came by we began to have a discussion but ...............(name withheld) kept on interrupting and allowed Rufus to slide out. Not before he said that he would support me if I won the runoff.
Hmmm! Rufus slide out? Not the characteristic of the man, as far as I know. But that's for another show.
I spoke with Rufus next. Here is his take.:
Dedan: Heard that you and Jimmy had it out at the gas station.
Rufus: Not really. He was talking crap.
Dedan: Quite a scene I understood.
Rufus: Not really. People are just exaggerating.
Dedan: What was it about?
Rufus: Jimmy was simply saying I should resign as chairman if I want to submit an application to be the candidate. My response is that I took my cue from the Party Chairman who exercises considerable influence - so far more than a Branch chairman - and yet submitted his name and has since been endorsed as the candidate for Babonneau. I heard no outcry from Jimmy on that one. Surely the leadership he supports should set the example. That's the only relevant issue I entertained. Every thing else from Jimmy was alcohol induced bravado of unintelligible kind....."
So there you have it from the horses' mouths - the two men vying for the candidacy.
Selection of a viable candidate from the UWP camp is expected to create quite a stir in the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency. Presently there are two factions in the constituency which no doubt have been brought about by Jimmy Haynes' intent on throwing his hat into the ring and Rufus' recent statements both on radio and TV. But the irony of it all is that Rufus has never spelt it out to the constituents, why he does not support Chastanet - the political leader of the Party.
Rufus has no doubt lost considerable support throughout the constituency due to his recent statements on radio and TV, his handling of certain issues during and after the last elections, his deliberate neglect of the Saltibus community for over two years, prior to the last elections, and his failure to deliver the Mini Stadium to the sporting youths.
Mind you, this is in no way giving an edge to Rufus' opponent, but rather to inform on the issues confronting Rufus, if he has to make a comeback - an uphill battle in my estimation. Rufus has what it takes to bring back a lot of his lost support, but it all depends on how much of an impact Jimmy has created on them.
What one will surely see in the coming weeks and months is an upsurge in canvassing and registration of new members by both Jimmy and Rufus with the hope of gaining the edge at the run off if it comes to this.
Can Jimmy pull it off with just Delcer, Mongouge and Saltibus boxes in his corner, or can Rufus pull it off without these? Who ever wins if it comes to a run off have to put their differences aside and work together if they want to unseat Lorny Boy.
Huggins Nicholas my very well be the only one who could bring about this unity.

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Jimmy Haynes said...

Great article De Dan. There is so much more that I would like to say especially about Rufus' statements but that will be for another show and another forum. Or maybe some of the people who were there may decide to offer their version of what transpired. In any event, all this tra la la will not improve the unemployment rate in the constituency nor will it improve the comatose local economy. There are many more important issues to be addressed. People are suffering and they need to be liberated. # Liberation Train # Change is Coming# We are the change# Burn Flambeau Burn!