Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Is Sarah Looking At The Choiseul/Saltibus Seat?

"Elections coming, Politics playing,
Dem running par esee, running par la,
Asking for me vote,
But if deh want me vote
Dem have to be positive,
cause dis year,
                                                          Me en playing coco makak."  
The above is the chorus to a calypso I wrote in 1992 for a standard  4 participant in the Annual Roblot Primary School Calypso Competition.  Up to this day no school in the district can follow this legacy  left by Mrs Lucy Nicholas, and of course your humble servant. Bravo to this Ex- principal for taking music to another level at her school during her stewardship. I salute you madam.
Yes, all the signs are there, that elections may be early next year - some say early March, while others predict not later than May. Come what may, Choiseulians will  have to cope with three different genres of music. It is picking up steam in the watering holes around the district that Choiseulians will this coming elections have to dance to Labour's soca music, UWP's  lover's rock reggae, and PPP's concoction of soca and lovers rock - ou tan!
Rufus Bousquet
This, my dear readers is what Choiseulians have allowed to fester over the years. Up to this point in time, it is sad that no one, born, bred and raised Choiseulian have had the gonads to see himself /herself worthy or capable to represent this district? What is wrong with our Psyche in this part of St Lucia? We just lay back and allow our affairs to handled by persons with no personal interest in our development. It's ok........say sar nou kar dee! Bunch of jokers, taking us for a ride year after year, political term after political term, and we sit on our laurels spitting at the wind. What is wrong with us?
So now Rufus has played his cards, used the jokers in this constituency and have finally left them flat on their face and joined a new party. Hey, be careful here........ it is alleged. Rufus have frightened the shit out of everyone of the aspiring politicians in this constituency....take it or leave....it is a fact. Never be gullible to the foolishness some of them come around saying, "UWP en ready yet!" Oh yea, I'd rather think that they are the ones that are not ready YET.(barring Jimmy Haynes.. what is he up to now?) Lame excuses after lame excuses. the bottom line is that they are not sure what Rufus is about and so he scares them to death. And he Rufus knowing this kept playing the nincompoops throughout. So much for this.
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun
Enter Sarah Flood. This blog has been reliably informed that at least three supporters of the UWP in the district have contacted Mrs Flood and ask her to contest the seat. According to my sources, she has not given any answer, but may be considering it. She plans to be in the district this week to feel the pulse on the ground.
What do I think about it? I know that's what's at the back of your mind right now. I don't care. Remember I made a statement on Facebook that I may not drink your coffee but at the right price I will sell it for you. Get my drift? I have been burnt, wrongly accused, used to the highest end....par men ancor!.
On the lighter side, Sarah is a complete politician with a passion for people. I think ladies are more  receptive to the needs of people and it is possible that she may be the prayer Choiseul has waited for so long.Finally with no one from Choiseul showing face, I endorse Sarah her totally.
Lorne Theophilus
Labour's soca  music continues to play, while the hacks, regardless of the emptiness in their bellies, continue to dance and make believe that all is OK. It is not.
There is no doubt that one will see an increase in capital works around the district in the coming months. Work has already started on the Debreuil to Myers Bridge. The shop owners may very well see an increase in business as more commuters will use this short route to and from Vieux fort or Soufriere.
Lorne's representation leaves much to be desired, but this is for another post, soon.
Come next elections will we see Sarah - Rufus - Lorne  playing their genres of music with the hope that Choiseuilians will make one of them their preferred choice? Choiseulians, I am sure this time around, will be chanting "this year, me en playing coco makak"

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