Monday, January 18, 2010

Cafierre and Dugard commuters relieved

    For years now commuters from the communities of Cafierre and Dugard have been asking for a bus shelter to protect them from the elements of the weather when they have to await transport. Since there is no routine transport system plying the Cafierre and Dugard route,the commuters have to walk all the way to the Sauzay gap adjoining the La Fargue highway to catch a bus to take them to their destination.
    Most times these commuters would have to use Cyria's shop as the waiting area. The shop owner has been very accommodating. This could not be allowed to continue.
    The District Rep,using his tact and good name has been able to secure funding for this long awaited project.The Government of Taiwan have assisted with the funding.  Construction of the bus shelter has already begun and is nearing completion.
  Bousquet has seen to it that every community where buses ply the routes have a bus shelter. To date bus shelters have ben constructed in Saltibus, Lapointe, Delcer, and La maze. Also under construction is another one in the Dacretin community. Pics will follow soon.
This year two more shelters are expected to be constructed

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