Friday, January 08, 2010

Bousquet's Achievements pics - 2009 (Schools)

Six schools in the district were recipients of some form of donation or presentation by the Rep.
The schools shown above in order of appearance:
Choiseul Sec: Intercom presentation
Augier thanking Bousquet
Gis reporter and Rep having a laugh as Augier uses system
Augier in touch with one class
Bousquet delivering speech at ceremony
Rivere Doree School: Computer/Printer presentation
Skit by school's cultural group
Principal recieving package
School looks on
Laptop presentation: Top Common Entrance Passes
The Delcer School recipient recieving her laptop/printer
Section of gathering at ceremony
Piaye School: Photo copier/printer presentation
Bousquet recieves fruit basket
Students applauding at presentation of cheque
Principal recieving cheque for equipment
Student welcoming Bousquet at school
Delcer Combined: Cheque presentation for Copier
Principal accepting cheque
School's assembly looks on
The Dugard Combined School recieved a photo copier and printer as well as two (2) six (6) hundred gallon water tanks, while the Reunion and Roblot schools recieved donations towards their respective Sports Meets.

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