Sunday, January 03, 2010

Bousquet's Achievements pics - 2009 (Footpaths/Drive-ways)

These pics show the footpaths/drive-ways undertaken. the jetrine footpath could not be shown. Pics will be available at a later date.

The pics in order of appearance:
La pointe Footpath # 2 - Track before construction of path
Section of footpath
Another view of path

Plateau Rouge Ring road - Mr. Lee, Mr. Bousquet and the residents of roblot take a tour

Fond Sabre Footpath - Men at work
Section of the footpath
Another section
End section of footpath

Industry Footpath - Taiwan's Embassy entourage and District Rep poised with residents of Industry during a tour of the community
Section of footpath
Another section

La Pointe Footpath # 1 - Entrance of footpath

Raveneau Drive-way - Section of Drive-way
Yet another section when completed
Children on their way to school while project was under-way.
Section of drive-way

La wee Derriere Drive-way - Jubilant residents poised to show appreciation of work.
Turning point in drive-way
Section of drive way

Look out tomorrow for more pics.

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