Saturday, November 29, 2008

When Friends Meet

Thursday November 27,2008 will go down as a memorable day at least for three close friends: Glen, Huggins and Kenise. These three young men have had close ties from times. Dix's funeral on Thursday may have played a crucial part in uniting the guys after maybe a long time.

I happen to pop in on them when I entered a restaurant looking for something to bite. It was 12:25pm. After a range of discussions ranging from sports to politics the guys decided to go to La Pointe where Kenise's sister, Linda runs a small refreshment house.

The friendship and comradry really showed itself. There was Glen and avid listener and dancer of Country music challenging Kenise, an old veteran,(so he says )on the dance floor. Huggins on the other hand watching in amazement the skills exhiblted by his two friends.

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