Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bousquet Continues to Deliver

Rufus Bousquet is definitely the Man for Choiseul. In no uncertain terms there is evidence that this politician, more than any other in the past, save his father is delivering the goods. Bousquet has said that he is all out to improve the facilities for sporrts in the district come what may. Above is the picture of the lightening system for the multi-purpose court at la Fargue. This project is nearing completion by the middle of this month. The boys are anxiously awaiting for this great opening.

This photo below shows a rubble wall that was recently completeed on the La Fargue/Choiseul Highway near the Caffiere junction . This wall was necessary to avoid a land slippage that was already in the making.

Bousquet recognises the need for these projects ti improve on the lives of his constituents.

Both projects are estimated at over $100,000.00

At a presentation ceremony, held at D'Andres' to honour sponsors of the 2008 Carnival Pageant, it was suggested that the district is in dire need of a Cultural Centre/Auditorium to host such and other activities. The idea was welcomed by the District Represetative and this is his focus right now.

Also on his cards are the contruction of two or three mini pavilions for the La Fargue playing field. This is expected to commenced in the new year.

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