Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Morne Jacques/Dugard Road Project In Top Gear

Ater years of putting up with a road network that was virtually unmotorable ,the charismatic and persuasive power of the district representative has finnally influenced his government to put the required financing to relieve the hardship of the people of Dugard and Morne Jacques.

The Morne Jacques/Dugard Road Project was put up for tendering in August, and after much speculation as to whom would finally get the job, Mr Hughes Fenold, a retired engineer of the Ministry of Communication and Works, Southern Division was offered the Job.

After the initial grading of the roadway, presently drains and walls are being constructed at the site. Many local workers can be seen involved in this project. Assisting with the project, Mr. fenold has the expertise of "Charlie" who is also a retired engineer.

Fenold is expected to complete the project,which starts from the Morne jacques Junction to the Dugard School by January 30, 2009.The work is proble now into it's 4th week.

Fenold has vowed to present a state-of -the-art Road to the residents.

The Road is being constructed at an estimated cost of over $1M.

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