Monday, November 17, 2008

Bousquet To Officially Open Multi-Purpose Court

Work on the Muti-purpose court is in the finishing stages,and and plans are well afoot for the grand opening. The erection and installing of lights started in late September. The financing for the court was donated,to The district representative by The Taiwanese Ambassador,Mr. Tom Chow, to the tune of $45,000.

Mr. Bousquet just back from England is due to be in the district on Friday November 21,2008, for a marathon session. She is due at his Constituency Office in the morning to meet with his constituents. Then at 2:00pm he is scheduled to make a presentation to the Choiseul Secondary School ,and later that evening he is due after a small ceremony to officially turn-on the lights at the Multi-purpose court.

Short addresses are expected from the Village Council Chairperson and the President of the Choiseul Sports Council. A game of volleyball or netball game is expected to be played after the the ceremony.

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