Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Roblot Combined School Has Talent

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This new Roblot Combined School located Debreuil was built in 1982 after Hurricane Allen. The old school was originally in the community of Roblot. The school now has just a little over one hundred pupils. There are six teachers and a principal in the person of Mrs. Monica Bernard. Funny, Roblot Combined School in Debreuil

At a recent visit to the school I was amazed by the vocal talent that the school children posessed. It was during the school's lunch hour, while the children were involved in all sorts of activities that I saw two kids who seem to make singing a passion.

I was taken aback to the days when The Roblot Combined School used to hold its head high when it came to singing. The school used to take part in the Inter Schools' Calypso Competition on a yearly basis. On one ocassion the school placed third in all the island.The school used to be the only one to host an annual calypso competitionin the district, and you bet, parents as well as patrons used to look for that time..

These two children if they are nurtured, especially during the music classes, will have what it takes to get to higher grounids. I was able to capture Zamala Francois who was more outgoing than the other male student. With asistance the school should bring back calypso.

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