Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bousquet Tours Delcer/La Pointe

The Honorable Rufus Bousquet, kept to his word and made an historic tour of the communities of Delcer and La pointe on Friday November 7th, 2008.

His first stop was at the Delcer School where he had a rather long discussion with the principal and a senior member of staff. The discussions centered around the fencing of the school compounds, the erection of speed bumps near the school,and the need for a playing field to serve both the community and the school.

Immediately afterwards,the Representative was escorted to packed hall with the school children, all chanting the name of the Representive. At that gathering, Mr Bousquet addressed the children and encourage them to aspere to higher levels and to consider the primary school as the foundation to their education.

The Rep. challened them to give of their best and that he would give a computer to the child who did the best at the school during term exams. That was recieved with a thunderous applause.

The District Rep. then went on to present a cheque of $5000.00 to the principal towards the purchase of a photo/copier/printer. The principal thanked Mr. Bousquet for such a generous donation.

Mr. Bousquet went on to visit the washed -away river crossing at De Ville and also the footpath that is being constructed at La Pointe

At the end of the tour Mr. Bousquet made time for a little socialisation with some of the constituents.

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