Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rufus escapes serious injury

While on his way to the airport the District Representative was involved in an accident where he narrowly escaped serious injury. His driver was not so lucky as he sustained a broken leg and other minor injuries.

The accident happenned between the Dennery and Castries road. According to reports the accident was caused as a falling tree had the driver to swerve in in order to avoid the tree. In doing so he lost control,compounded with the mud on the road surface, ran off the road into a precipice.

Fortunately for the driver the Rep. was able to assist by getting him out of the vehicle and out of the precipice.

Both the Rep. and the driver were taken to the hospital where the driver was admitted.

The Rep. should be back on the job soon.

God played his hand in this scenario. Long live the Rep.

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