Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Choiseul Strategic Development Plan Consultation Held.


Inspite of the inclement weather the consultation planned for the weekend came off with a total of 35 persons from producer organizations, the private sector, youth, sports, mothers and fathers groups.
It also included groups with capacities that can be transformed into community development strategies.

Participants will be expected to make two critical decisions. Firstly, to adopt the Draft Development Plan which highlights strategies to combat some of the major social and economic issues such as unemployment, crime, land use and the environment and then to sanction the role of the Choiseul Development Foundation.senting different stakeholders.

After a brief itroduction by The Choiseul Development Officer,Mr. Mc Arthur Phillip, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Of Social Transformation made some remarks. He gave his full blessing to the initiative and encouraged the participants to carry on in that vein.

The Draft document was presented by Mr. Anthony Herman who gave a summary of the highlights of the draft

The draft was adopted and Mr. Goddard Darchiville, the existing chairman gave a brief history of how the idea of a Choiseul Development Foundation was conceived.The Foundation was registered in 2003. Some of the founders are Mr. Lawrence Constantine, Mr, Glen Albert, Mr.Peter Annius, Mr. Gasper Blaize and Mr. Darchiville himself.

The Cosultation came to an end at about 3:30 pm.

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