Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More Projects Completed

The District Representative has delivered as promised on two more projects in the communities of La Pointe and Jetrine.

A bus shelter was completed at the Industry/La Pointe Junction and a bridge in the Jetrine area, to be more specific the enclave of Fond Sabre.The residents of Fond sabre had extreme difficulty crossing a ravine whenever it rained making crossing almost impassable. Commuters in the La Pointe were at the mercy of the weather elements while awaiting buses to take them to work, school and other important business transactions.

Persons in these two communities are satisfied with the projects. The District Rep. said that it is his duty to uplift the standard of living in Choiseul.

Presently a footpath measuring about 351 feet is being constructed in the La Pointe community and is expected to be completed by the 26th of October.

Starting soon, is a bus shelter at the delcer/La Pointe junction.

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