Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Choiseul Secondary School Holds Annual PTA Meeting

The annual Parents' Teachers' Association of The Choiseul Secondary School held its annual general meeting at the School yesterday at about 2:45pm. The meeting was well attended with many parents not having access to sitting accommodation and also having to stand outside the main meeting area. The school has an attendance of about 700 students and definitely need an auditorium to accommodate all the parents.

During his address, the Principal, Mr. Augier gave an assessment of the school's performance in last year's CXC examinations. Mr. Augier lamented some reasons why his school did not place higher in last year's rankings. He noted that 23% of the students failed cxc subjects be cause they did did notg submit SBA's for the subjects. He went on to say that SBA's cotribute to insome cases to as much as 40% of the examination. The principal informed the parents that no child will be allowed to write the examinations if they do not submit an SBA if required for the subject. He continued by saying that there seems to be a culture developing at the school whereby students don't attend classes and when caught they would remark, "Sir I drop that subject."

At the meeting a new executive was elected. The new executive comprises of two fathers and five mothers in the persons of: Mr. Joseph Charles - President, Mrs. Babara Donaie - Vice President, Miss Clara Alcindor - Secretary, Miss Lera Preville - Assistant Secretary, Miss Jacquiline Theophilus, - Tresurar, Mrs Celesta Jn. Louis - Assistant Tresurar and Mr. Dedan Jn. Baptiste as Public Relations Officer.

A meeting with parents with students in Form 5 is schedule for some time soon to be announced.

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