Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bousquet may soon be Foreign Affairs Minister

It has been in the air that Prime Minister Stephehson King will be making a cabinet reshuffle. It has been understood that King is releiveing himself of some of his ministries, and the reciepient of the Foreign Affairs Ministry is none other than the experienced, dynamic, and eloquent District Representative, Mr..Rufus Bousquet.

Mr. Bousquet held this ministry in the past ,but through some unexplained controversy he was relieved of this portfolio. During his stint as External Affairs Minister he met with many high ranking ministers all over the world and he was rated as a brilliant and promising politician.

Our District Rep. has been making many overseas trips lately to help put St. Lucia on a good footing. Last week he was in Africa discussing the future of our bananas and this week his is in Washington on further government business. He is due back on Friday.

In his absence the work in the constituency goes on. Many projects are presently underway. After the heavy rains all blocked roads were cleared almost immeadiately. $70,500.00 has been allocated to the constituency for more works to be carried out. Works will commenced soon.

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