Wednesday, September 25, 2013

St. Lucia Labour Party's Lie Of The Century

"Jobs: Our Number 1 Priority
Through an effective combination of short- term
activities, an active public sector investment
programme, the
strategic use of incentives to encourage local investments, and
the creation of an environment that attracted foreign
investment, ........
A major priority of our government will be the
creation of jobs. Our Party will translate its comprehensive Employment Activation Programme
(LEAP) into a National Initiative to Create Employment,
dedicated to creating and finding jobs for Saint
Lucians. ............ An SLP government will immediately
inject an amount of $100 million into the economy to
stimulate job creation and reconstruction." Yes, you guessed correctly. This is an excerpt from
the SLP 2011 manifesto, Our Blueprint for Growth."
this document a joke? National Iniatiative to Create Employment for who?
Yes, again you are correct, SLP hacks and supporters. Is the Construction Stimulus Package one of their
strategic uses of incentives to encourage local
investment? Yes, it is and it is an abject failure. A good
SLP friend of mine confided that it seemed that the
policy was meant to benefit a particular housing
development in the south belonging to an appointed member of parliament who happens to be one of a
diminishing minority clamouring for the continuation
of the scheme. Typical.
I just drove around a few communities to observe
who is employed in this round of STEP and yes you
are correct again. More than 90% of the participants
are SLP supporters. They were all proud to let me
know that. So, am I right to conclude that these Gov't tax funded
job creation programmes are nothing else but an
exercise in blatant nepotism? Yes they are!
If you are not a member of the 'En Rouge' brigade
then you are out of luck, cannot pay your bills,
cannot put food on your table, cannot afford education for your children and more ominous you
are unprotected from the strangling clutches of
Kenny's VAT. You are dead meat! Is that the best this supposedly very educated,
astute, experienced and exceptional yet failing SLP
administration can do? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE UWP IN THE NEXT ELECTION WHENEVER THEY

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