Sunday, September 08, 2013

Flavia To Host Dobway La Rose

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To all my friends who are cultural enthusiasts - you are 


But please confirm your attendance IN ADVANCE and collect a formal invitation from Tiodo or from my office. This is a free event and we MUST confirm the numbers to avoid confusion with the catering. You are forewarned - no free food and drinks without formal invitations!!!
Flavia Cherry
Yes, this what the dynamic and outspoken Flavia Cherry, posted on the Fb page recently. Seems to this blog that she's taking a shot at 
reviving the La Woz tradition in the district. Should it surprise you? By no extension of the mind should it  -  Ma Baybay seh gran mama Flavia ou sav. Flavia seh eshe Lawrence. If you didn't know ,well now you know.  
  This activity I am sure will be well attended, and what makes it even more attractive are the incentives being offered. This activity seems definitely aimed at the younger generation, with the view in mind, this blog thinks, is to keep the La Woz tradition alive.


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