Wednesday, September 04, 2013

SLP Supporter Attacked In Dalson Presence

Chris Renee Dolor
A young man was attacked at an SlP indoor meeting last night, as the District Rep, calmly watched as the scenario unfolded.
 The incident allegedly begun when the man stated that Soufriere MP Harold
Dalson should be ashamed of the low attendance at a community meeting.  He
followed up with the sentiment that Soufriere people should be grateful to
Allen Chastenet for delivering the bridge which had been promised to
Soufriere for years by both parties but had never materialized.

These observations were followed by a question on the differences in the
operations of the Soufriere Foundation under the SLP government.

This last question proved to be the breaking point for one attendee,
allegedly a doctor of some repute. He proceeded to push the man out of his
chair and was soon joined by at least two other attendees who landed quite
a few blows to the man and his girlfriend who were in attendance.

Harold Dalson
"I can't believe I attended a labour party meeting tonight and because I shared my views I got some blows. I was attack by supporters of Mr Dalson. Got punched in my head and face. I would like to know whether St. Lucia belongs to the Labour Party" These are the words of a self professed SLP supporter who was attacked at an open meeting Tuesday night in Soufriere. The man claims on his FaceBook page to have been dealt several physical blows after expressing his views on the state of affairs in Soufriere. His girlfriend who was also at the meeting was also physically attacked. Soufriere MP Harold Dalson was reportedly in attendance when the incident took place and did nothing to calm or diffuse the crowd. The man claims to have been beaten and to have feared a trip down a flight of stairs. He was eventually assisted by other persons to leave the building.
Another friend of his on facebook stated, "That's CRAPPPPPPP!!! like I said take justiceee...dis politics ting like it happenin all over cuz it happens up here but u dnt get
beaten 2 share your opinion....dats very ridiculous....if I was you I was takin evry single one of them 2 court and dat doc I was dealing with met so hard cuz I find him very disrespectful like u said u didn't hit them while they shared their views so y must they hit wen u shared yours? smdh!!!"
He stated that he had attended meetings of the main opposition UWP and expressed his opinion but had never been dealt with in this manner. The response to the incident ranged from disbelief to outrage. One supporter said "politics now is similar to gang life like creeps {crypts} and bloods if you walk around with the wrong colour you a victim now if you say what they don't like you get boxed" Many have urged the man to consider taking legal action against his attackers, one of whom unconfirmed reports state is a doctor. Only one person , one Loukie, seems to have a contrary view as to what happened, according to her comment on Chris' page. What is interesting though, is that she quickly pulled out the comments. Guess she saw the light.

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