Saturday, September 21, 2013

Roblot , The Forgotten Community

View of Roblot M-purpose centre
Does this view looks familiar? Sometime after Tomas this Blog posted a pic of the damage Tomas inflicted on the Centre and the Library which is attached to this building. This building used to house club meetings of the Development committee, serve as  a place of worship and other social activities.Further the library section which was recently shutdown has deprived the school children of free access to the internet. A service which saw an increase in parents providing their children with laptops.
 To make matters worst, the library section which was shut down, has recently been vandalized. The front door has been broken and taken away, the toilet facilities have disappeared and the interior is in a mess with books scattered all over the floor.
Inside library showing no toilet facilities
   The shell of a 25" television also lay on the floor. This it is alleged is the work of the people whom this building is to serve.Since the results of the last  general elections, constituents have not had the privilege to speak with the Rep. A SCHOOLCHILD ONCE. WROTE HIM AN OPEN LETTER COMPLAINING ABOUT THE DILAPIDATED CONDITION OF THE CENTRE AND HOW THIS HAS BROUGHT HARDSHIPS FOR HER AND HER PEERS.
 The Residents presently have no place of assembly to diccuss community matters. The Rep must step up to the plate an make the necessary contacts to get this centre and library service back on stream
Front view of centre

Another view on inside library
Further one must drive up to Roblot or even Lamaze to see the deplorable conditions of our roads. Using the Debreuil/Myers Bridge Road route is a living hell.

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