Sunday, October 06, 2013

Looters Continue Their Rampage While Government Officials Dilly-dally

Looter's Paradise
Toilet facilities, all gone
The recent article about the condition of the Roblot Multi-Purpose Centre, on this blog and comments on Facebook, twitter and Google + have generated much discussions which has finally come home to roost. Concerned members of the community are up in arms about the deplorable condition of the building, and more so they calling for justice to bring those responsible for the recent vandalism of the section of this building that housed the community library.
Rumors making rounds in the waterholes make mention of a certain businessman and his henchmen, as well as a a few young men for the recent vandalism - the toilet facilities, windows, doors, posts and boards, all stripped and taken away from the building. The only thing left behind in the building are an antic office desk, the shell of a 20" TV, and books scattered all over the floor. A thorough investigation may reveal stock piles of materials at these person's homes. It is also alleged that a small home was built by one of the culprits, using the looted materials.
This brings to mind the Mongouge Centre which suffered a similar fate after it was ravaged by a storm. Everything was carried away. It took over ten years for the people of Mongouge to eventually get a state of the art Centre once again. This may very well happen to Roblot in this instance, if ever.
Full blame for the state of affairs with regards to the building must be laid at the feet of the District Rep, the Constituency Council and Dalson's Ministry.
Not once, since the passage of Hurricane Tomas, when the building was damaged, did any of these officials visit the site to put contingency measures in place. To make matters worse, the section that housed the community library was repaired, and the library service restored, only to have the service taken away from the residents the following month of May.
The building, being unsupervised, became a haven for youths involved in drugs and other illegal activities. On more than one occasion lawmen have has reasons to chase these young men out of the building.
The looting of the building, it is alleged must have taken place late at nights into the wee hours of mornings. Day after day one can see boards and posts missing from the building. Eventully all will be gone. What steps are being taken to curb this looting? A question to be posed to the District Rep, the Constituency Council and Dalson's Ministry ?
What a situation!

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