Sunday, October 02, 2011

Bousquet Presents More Laptops

It was an almost cloudless blue sky; the vegetation lush green and the  multi-colured outfits of the audience created an ambience or setting for a great afternoon.  The date, October 1,2011.Time 4:25pm.This was the scene at Jetrine where persons gathered to witness the presentation ceremony to donate laptop computers to the top Common Entrance students from each of the eight primary schools in the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency.
Topping the district scorecard is Michelle Porath of the Dugard Combined with a score of 95.00%. Marcel L. Bissette from the Reunion Primary School with a score of 94.00%, is in second place. Congratulations from this blog to the Dugard School, Principal and teacher. Well done.
The other top performers are Trevouxninne A. Baxi of Rivere Doree Combined with 92.67%, Shervel James of Delcer R.C. Combined with 91.67%, Marlyn D. Avril with 90.00% from Piaye Combined, Elias I. Alcee from Roblot Combined with a score of 86.67%, Melody A. Francis and Lyani E. Louisy from Saltibus and Mongouge Combined respectively each scoring 81.33%.
The recipients in whose honour this ceremony was organized all sat in the front row flanking the Rep while their parents, past principals, teachers and invited dignitaries occupied the back section of the tent.

The ceremony began with prayers led by Pastor Wally which was followed by the National Anthem. MC for the ceremony welcomed the audience with a history of the community roads of Jetrine. He showered praise on the students for their achievements in this year’s Common Entrance examinations and challenged them to put to good use the laptops they are to receive shortly. He emphasised the point of the importance of being computer literate in this technological age.

Mrs Sheila Servile, a prominent citizen in the community was graced with the honours to welcome the audience. In her remarks she made special reference to the just completed Jetrine road, and as she aptly put it, “Jetrine is now on the map.” As a past Vice principal of the Piaye Secondary School, she gave much needed advice and direction to the students.

Anison Hunte, in his usual modus operandi thanked Bousquet for the just completed works on the road and the long awaited playing field in his short testimony.

Bousquet in his address to the students and audience was vocal, eloquent, gentle and at times raising the tone a little to emphasize the point at hand. He first started by giving a history as to how this whole program, which has been going on for the past four years was born. He said it started with the donation of a single laptop to a top student from Fiette called Tenisha , (who has done remarkably well in this year’s CXC exams) who’s mom approached him for such a donation because she had promised the child a laptop if she came first in the common entrance exam . The child did place first but the mom was unable financially to keep her end of the bargain. And this is where it all started. This was way back in 2007.

Bousquet went on to congratulate the students for their outstanding performance and reminded them that, “Potential is nothing if it is not developed. Potential must be developed. Potential must be nurtured.” The good uses of the computer were outline by the Rep but also reiterated how it can be ued for all the wrong reasons. “ The computer can be used to spread propaganda, it can be used to spy on people, these are the work of cowards who hide behind the computer under the name anonymous and who have nothing to offer. But here we are standing in gatherings like this to talk about progress and development and how to develop Choiseul piece by piece.” Bousquet noted.

“Talking about the program, Bousquet continued “The important thing about this is that I call it a meritocracy. For those of you who may not be familiar with those big words, it simple means, you get what you get on merit. It does not matter who you are, it does not matter what home you come from, it does not matter if you red or yellow, it does not matter if you green or blue, it does not matter about that. When you come first Rufus Bousquet ensures you get a computer. It’s simple as that.” (Thunderous applause)

The presentation of the laptops which was next on the agenda was made to the students. Michelle  Porath the top performer from the constituency also got a printer for placing second on the island. Short remarks were made by Michelle and a representative on behalf of the  students and parents respectively.The principal of the Rivere Doree Combined School then graced the recipients with some staunch words of advice.

The vote of thanks was move by a young lady from the community by the name of Ms Merlyn Francis.Afterwards the presentation party walked to the newly rebailitated road for Ribbon cutting act to declare the road officially opened. This was done by  Mr Petterson.

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