Thursday, October 20, 2011


It seems that the Choiseul Labour horse is tired whereas the UWP horse is just getting energized. On Sunday October 23 2011, the Delcer Polling division team has organized a Yellow Walk. The aim if two-fold, 1. To inculcate a sense of fitness and unity among its members in the area, and 2. To start the campaign machinery rolling.
The Yellow Walk will cover the following route. The crowd will assembly at the Delcer Junction and move through the boisden community, then to raveneau down to mongouge across to Morne Sion then into la Pointe and culminating on the Delcer field where a series of activities will take place including numerous speeches by the residents and invited guests.
A massive crowd is expected to participate. Presently the route is being decorated with flags and posters. All are invited.
Choiseulians sometime in November can look forward for the biggest rally ever organized by the UWP. This rally in Choiseul will make Dennery North look like small Blocko. The Rally will be held on the La Fargue field
I don't have to tell you the effect this rally will have on the labour supporters. Remember what Vieux fort rally did? E wan yo foo!

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