Friday, September 30, 2011

Bousquet Energizes Campaign Crew

At a recent meeting held last Tuesday, a gathering of over seventy persons met with Rufus to discuss strategic plans for the upcoming general elections. Bousquet also took time to update the gathering about various issues pertaining to the constituency as well as the Frederick matter.
This post will refrain from discussing the strategic plans, but rather focus on the issues which the rep disclosed.
1. A presentation ceremony to donate eight  laptops to the top students from the primary schools in the district who wrote this year's Common Entrance Examinations will be held over the weekend. The top three CxC passes from the district will also be honoured.
2. The recently rehabilitated road in the community of Jetrine will be opened following the presentation ceremony mentioned in 1.
3. A  Stimulus package program to the tune of $200,000.00 to be implemented in the constituency starting next month.
4. A number of desktops have been received by the rep. Presently plans are being formulated as how best to utilise these machines. Whether to have an IT centre or spread the desktop throughout the different communities at specific locations. Internet access will also be available for the youth to access.
5. Bousquet took time to explain the delay on the constuction of the stadium. His explanation - A modern roof with  photo panels for elecrical power was being contemplated for the structure. These photo panels would provide the stadium with its own power and the excess would be sold out to the main grid. Legislation is not in place for the latter  statement to take place. The modern roof would be retractable and so bring in a touch of class to the stadium.
This was the discussions that was going on with the Italian company which slowed down the construction.  However Bousquet feels that Choiseulians and more so our sportsmen and women may not want to wait for too long and so work on the original roof design will continue and constuction will begin in ernest.
6.The consolidated fun issue is nothing more that a political gimmick by the opposition. During their reign, yes they sent monies to the consolidated fun but only to cipher it back into the bobolistc and scam operated NCA. Remember the mirage of scams.  Bousquet confirmed that the monies which lie in an account at the Choiseul Credit union, under the management of the Choiseul Village council is for sports and Sports alone. Have you not seen the standard of our cricket. Did you not  know that we have had over seven players on the National side. Bravo Rufus!
7. Choiseul, Rufus maintains will keep on improving as long as he is the Rep. He said he has Choiseul at heart. He reiterated that his first initiateve was to raise the standard of living of his people. This he said will continue and upon conclusion move on to phase two - employment for the youth.
8. He ask the gathering to "Recommit to Victory.' He said that he  is not understood, by many dut don't underestimate him. He made mention  of the type of politician he is. He can get things done. He is not into the business of victimising people. This point holds water. This blog can attest to this point by saying that not one labour supporter from that last election has ever been touched or even threatened. This is the quality of the man.
9. On Richard's issue, Bousquet said that a US Visa is not a Right, it is a privilidge offered to you by the United States to visit their country. He mentioned that from richard's entry in to politics there have been an ongoing campaign to bring him down and recently the attacks have been more frequent.
The Embassy he says does not owe anyone an explanation for the revocation of their Visa. Silly accusations like Rufus and Richard planning to overthrow King are some of the reasons that has been floating around. But as Rufus mentions don't worry the same things they are accusing Richard of take care its not the same that may happen to Lorne. Time will tell.

10. Kenny is despised by St.Lucians. Rufus says that the Uwp is starting off the election with five sure seats wheras Labour starts off with three. he undertook a breakdown analysis of all the constituencies and gave the gathering his honest and straigt up conclusions.


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