Sunday, October 30, 2011

Are the Choiseul Labour Horses Exhausted?

It is not surprising that the labour crew in the constituency has run out of steam. One will remember that this post predicted this way back
They must have been really disappointed at the poor showing at a meeting held in Roblot earlier this week. What was even more discouraging for them is that they could not attract any new members. The same old tired hacks that were present. What a shame on Labour.
Labour has grown so deflated that even their posters on the poles have turned yellow - a sign of things to come? Labour has been deflated ever since the Vieux Fort rally.
Now Team UWP is stepping up the pressure. This post is not at liberty to disclose,but for sure "nou kai teway chelot Lorne."
There is a fresh wind blowing in the air these days and it is Labour supporters are now admitting that Lorne is a loser. Well well well they took time to see the light.
Analysis show Lorne losing by three hundred plus votes. Our secretariat is taking bets of $3000.00 and over that this election is a walk in the park.
One may be tempted to remind themselves of the story of the Turtle and the Hare. The hare being Labour.
Elections is due in five weeks and already sounds of victory are being sung.
Fire Fire in Lorne bam bam. E pwi en sa.
One can clearly see labour supporters are desperate now. Their latest foolishness is their campaign song. My God, is that what Lorne encourages in a song, smut and foul language at his opponent? Doesn't this prospective candidate have respect for the children in the constituency. Shame on Lorne to approve of a song like this as part of his campaign strategy.
Well we at UWP en crying, but we are capable of much worst. Forgot your humble servant is a writer and composer? Choiseul labour would be well advised to tread cautiously.
The performance of Kenny and Tony on the platform in Dennery was so pathetic that a number of their own supporters came back saying Kenny has definitely lost it.
The tired horses.

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