Monday, October 10, 2011

Signs of Desperation?

It looks like Lorne is starting to show signs of DESPERATION. Well you cyaan blame the man. Taking into consideration the magnitude of works Rufus has done in the constituency it is not suprising that Lorne should undertake potholing on the Daban road. Why? Some of Lorne's supporters have insistantly cried that the reasons for these latest Rufus projects is to win votes.
Now tell me, what is Lorne's purpose for pot- holing the Daban road? You see that's the nature of things. Bousquet en crying, Labour hacksl are. Por jab!
Labour or rather Lorne supporters are the biggest criers around.
Personally I see no reason to cry but simply wave Lorne Bye, Bye.
Question. All the roads that have not been pot holed, will Lorne block them in search for more votes?´My answer to Lorne is to watch the Rolex Tennis Tournament now taking place in China. It will be early in the morning when he comes in. And his fantasy of winning is high .In retrospect, he would says to himself, "Will I win?" Then he goes to bed and
thinking, that this is a hopeless fight. He further thinks in his last conscious brain wave left before sleep takes its toll, "What have I gotten myself into?"Well he alone knows. Then he falls asleep.
Espoire mal papai..

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