Tuesday, September 06, 2011

King speaks of Development and Scandals and Victory

Following on the heels of the hugely successful launching of its Micoud North
candidate, the United Workers Party (UWP) attracted on Sunday, August 11
another massive crowd response to the presentation of its three candidates for the
constituencies of Laborie, Vieux Fort North and Vieux Fort South. The event saw the
introduction of Herrick ‘Watcha’ Renee (Laborie), Nancy Charles (Vieux Fort North)
and Karl Daniel (Vieux Fort South). All three are are well-loved community workers with
a strong background in farming. The candidates also have experience in the fields of
education, business and accounting and agriculture, respectively.

Prime Minister and Party leader Stephenson King received a rousing welcome, with
sustained applause that spoke volumes for his popularity even outside Castries. He
drew particular applause when he addressed the Grynberg issue and the continued
threat to our nation’s sovereignty it represented. Had the UWP not won the 2006
elections, he said, Grynberg would’ve remained a secret between the former prime
minister and now leader of the opposition and the Colorado oilman Jack Grynberg.

He offered several examples of the former prime minister’s arrogant style of
governance, a nation-insulting style, he said, that had resulted in such scandals
Rochamel, Frenwell, the NCA rip-off, Helenair and Helenites—at great expense to the
consolidated fund.

Waving a copy of the Bloom Cooper Report, the prime minister promised to expose
the similarities between the party leaders who are seeking now to replace him as the
prime minister of Saint Lucia. “I will expose them and their motivations in due course,”
he said.

The prime minister referred to a number of major projects, including the St Jude
Hospital which is close to completion, a senior citizens home, a meat processing
facility, the NSDC Training Centre and commencement of work on the Hewanorra
International Airport Redevelopment Project.
Mr King confidently predicted an increased majority at the next polls. In his words: the
Labour Party will experience a “political tsunami” at next general elections. The three
new election candidates will play, he said, a key role in contributing to the landslide
victory. The record turnout was no doubt a statement of confidence in the performance
and leadership of the ruling United Workers Party government, and a resounding
affirmation that “one good term deserves another!”

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