Friday, September 09, 2011

Delcer to Saltibus Residents Welcome Package

The Stimulus Package recently launched by the Government of Saint Lucia reflects a continuation of the bold initiatives which the current administration continues to employ to combat the negative effects of an ongoing and protracted global financial crisis. This current Stimulus Package is the sixth such programme to be executed by the Government of Saint Lucia over the past three (3) years. The Stimulus Package represents a creative and proactive initiative which has been designed deliberately to stimulate economic activity at the grass roots level. A total of EC $10. Million has been expended on the programmes to date.

The current Stimulus Package was strategically timed to bring about relief to communities and parents at this juncture bearing in mind the reopening of school for a new school year on September 5th, 2011. In addition Government has also demonstrated further sensitivity through the implementation of the Education Access Fund, which has provided much needed assistance to many parents ahead of the new school year. It must be noted as a matter of fact that the Stimulus Package was made available to all seventeen (17) constituencies. The funds were channeled through established Government agencies and entities with experience in conducting interventions at the community level. In the case of Dennery North, Government exercised its judgement regarding the custody of these funds. The funds were in fact placed within an entity at the community level with experience in implementing social programmes at the community level.

The Government of Saint Lucia remains resolute in the benefit and wisdom of the Stimulus Package Initiative. This initiative is part of and consistent with the strong agenda of social programmes which has been the hallmark and focus of this Government. The Administration is therefore determined despite attempts at distraction to implement what is no doubt a sound economic policy approach. This is a policy that is geared at stimulating activity within the local economy, particularly at the grass-roots level. Government is convinced of the soundness of its approach and is particularly moved by the impact that such a programme is having within the micro socio-economic realm. We are especially pleased that the Stimulus Package is undertaken utilizing sound financial standards and transparency unlike programmes in the past. One such programme produced what was popularly referred to as the NCA Scandal that became the subject of two enquiries where the misuse of state funds was established as a major finding.

The Government of Saint Lucia is therefore proud of its decision to implement the recent Stimulus Package which will bring direct benefits to many at the community level. The Stimulus Programme introduced by Government represents another action geared at engineering positive activity and confidence in the local economy.

Source: GIS

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