Friday, September 23, 2011

Choiseul Police make a hit

Hats off to the Choiseul police for cracking a spate of house-breakings that have gripped the district for the past seven months or more.
A young man of age 19, has been arrested and charged for the offence. After a tip-off the police  serving a warrant searched the young man's residence where a number of stolen items were recovered.
What is very humorous and laughable is that the young man who had been doing all the breakings was living just a stone throw away from the police station.
Presently the young man is at the Bordelais Correctional Facility
 Inspite of the good work done by the police there still remains some lazy and irresponsible officers in their rank. Recently an officer at the station did little or no work in an investigation over a stolen item by another young man. She was given the suspect's name, and two witnesses to base her investigations on. She did zero work on this except going to the guy's home and later reporting that she did not find the item. What foolishness!Where is her investigative skill. So, as far as the case goes, that's it?
She has been branded by her collegues as 'Miss Lazeee'
Choiseul is now free of this house-breaking  menace, but a thief is still at large in a community because this female officer did not complete her investigations.

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