Tuesday, February 08, 2011

St. Lucia's Attorney General has been launched

Yes, it was a massive show of force for Doddy. St.Lucians, braving the inclemency of the weather turned out in thousands to launch Lorenzo “Doddy” Francis in the Culdesac Valley on Sunday February 6, 2010.

The Choiseul contingency headed by Rufus Bousquet rolled into the launch area with a motorcade of about thirty seven vehicles including buses, trucks, cars and motorcycles.

The immediate area of the launch was a sea of soggy ground with small pools of water here and there. The area was recently graded and the intermittent showers saturated the soil thus making the ground very muddy.

But wait! That did not deter the supporters, because mud or rain one could see persons braving these elements to head to the main stage area.

All members of the party were present with the exception of Janine, whom as this post is being written, heard “Jouk Bois” say that she has resigned from the party. One could sense an aura of confidence among the occupants on the stage as speaker after speaker confirmed the audience’s hope, that UWP will win the next general elections. Spider was rather forceful as he tore to shreds a number issues which the leader of the opposition mentioned sometime ago….one being the calling of elections on its anniversary.

Rufus, on the stage, was cool and collected and in his delivery, lending support to Mr. Francis, informed the gathering that he once told Robert Lewis “Doddy” will send him home.

Lorenzo “Doddy” Francis was the man of the moment as introductions by both his wife and daughter gave credence to the man. Mr. Francis in culminating his speech closed by saying, “Doddy, gets it done.”

The general atmosphere at the rally was one of joy, comradry and the impending hope of a UWP victory at the next elections constitutionally due no later by March 2012.

The gathering at the rally looked more less like about six to seven thousand making Pep’s launch look like a house party, so said an Anse la Raye supporter.

Another supporter from Gros Islet injected, “If St. Lucians can brave this inclement weather, and wade in this mud to hear their representatives, this sends a strong message to Labour, they have no chance.”

Ricky T provided much entertainment for the massive crowd; off and on using his versility to merge a little politics in his repertoires. These was humorously received by everyone.
No incidents were reported to have happened and everyone  got home in one piece. Bravo to everyone.
  Seeing the reactions of the supporters of Labour in certain pockets in the community of Choiseul, as Sunday's motorcade rolled through the district on its way to Culdesac, it left me to reflect a little, and left  a question  which still lingers on my mind. Are the majority of Labourites  in this district noisy and insultive persons, who tackle the supporters of the opposite side on their personal business rather than political issues? Was it meant to be so, or did 'Choiseul Labour' design it to be so? Food for thought? The video below is a clip of Ricky T.
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Anonymous said...

I witnessed the motorcade with the thirty seven buses. My question is why were some of the transporting only around 5 persons. The number of buses don't matter , it's the quality on the side. If you all are honest i am certain you all were in for a dissappointment when you all realised that you all did not have supporters to occupy the 37 buses.

Village veteran said...

You miss anonymous seem to be the most scared woman in the village. Why should it bother you whether buses were filled or not. And by the way you were the one complaining about grammar etc. Before you check the pebble in this blog's eye check the spectacle in your S & R. Don't push your luck cause it may dawn on you one day you may be exposed. Tread carefully my dear and focus on your grade 6

Village Veteran said...

What does that have to do with you? You are scared full time. That's why UWP seems to be a thorn in your side. Coward

Dedan said...

It is rather interesting that Ms. Myopic anonymous should take issue with the UWP's motorcade on Sunday.
What is she trying to prove baffles me. Maybe she should look a little closer on the inside to find out what quality really means. On the contrary, we were very pleased and heartened by the turnout.

Anonymous said...

Dedan, i have no bones with you. Actually i really feel sorry for you . You were the MP's right hand at one time, secretary in his office. You have been there through thick and thin with him and this is how you have been treated, downgraded to cameraman. On Sunday i also realised that maybe you are on a beauty parade because i saw you waving away to onlookers from your car's sunroof. Why ain't you directly involved in the MP's business anymore? Why should you have been treated like this and to make it worse now he has you as the UWP's Puppet. Please Dedan, ask the MP to have more respect for you, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

It is very true that the buses were not full so don't be fooled...

I think that the UWP should be more concerned with the UNITY within the party as their name suggest. They appear on the stage with such courage when they themselves are not united. Janine had already stated that WHILST she was still part of the group-because she knows. Most of those ministers have no respect for the prime minister...so why don't you talk about that...and why don't they fix that instead of comparing crowds.

You should note that not ALL supporters come to meetings and sometimes those at meetings are not ALL supporters...


Dedan said...

You know the beauty of it all is that I do not hide behind anonymous when I decide to write a comment. The readers do not know who is Ms Myopc Anonymous and apparently you choose to adopt the name.
It is not any of your concern what I do in the UWP camp and that you will never know. It was not suprising that you took a personal swipe at me,which of course is consistent with Labour party supporters. That's kool cause I am very aware of the material you are made of. Pathetic! Guess the next time you comment you will have the balls to tell our readers who you are or maybe I may be tempted to tell them. Chill yourself gal!

Anonymous said...

the people of choiseul/saltibus must understand that it took the labour party and furguson jonh ten years to bring choiseul into this state of disrepair .we all are human it will take allot more than four years to repair the damage created by the bunch who now want to present themselves as the saviors of choiseul/saltibus development doesnt happen overnite. So lets put the petty politics aside i think the current rep is do the best he can under the circumstances. Had the previous done their part the work load would be alot lighter now.