Thursday, February 24, 2011

La Maze to get a drive way

Residents of upper La Maze have from times asking for some form of roadway to their homes. They have over the years trodded a narrow and muddy footpath to and from their homes. This could not be allowed to happen endlessly.
At a recent visit to the community Rufus met with the affected residents to come up with a solution to ease this situation. At that small townhall type meeting the residente decided on a driveway.
That decision was taken because some of the residents are presently renovating their home and would appreciate if the vehicle transporting the materials could land the stuff near the site.
This surely will remind readers of the Morne Sion project.
The La Maze project has been inspected by a team of contractors and is estimated to cost about $30,000.00.
The project should commence sometime next week and should last five to eight days max.
Many of the residents will be directly involved in the project.
Bousquet once again improvimg the standard of living for his people.


Anonymous said...

I thought the project was $64,000! Anyway, you still gonna do all that work for just three votes.

Dedan said...

Do you have a problem with getting people out of a muddy track. It is this type of mentality which will be your downfall.
It has always been Bousquet's mission to raise the standard of living of persons in his constituency regardless of the political divide. With regards to your statement about three votes' well start counting three less for you. Ouch!