Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The People Choose their "Person of the Year"

    By popular choice Mac Arthur Phillip has been chosen as the 2010 "Person of the  Year" for Choiseul. One hundred and eight (108) persons took the poll which was displayed over this blog for a about three weeks. Mac captured 44% of the votes cast while Jonathon Chalon  was Mac's closest rival and could only muster 14% of the votes cast. The other persons in the poll were Clara Edward, a retired  Primary school principal and community worker, Hubert King a retired Secondary school principal, an MBE  awardee and community worker, Jonathan Chalon,  the president of the National Youth Council, sports organisor and teacher, Williana St. Rose, Village Council Clerk and Rufus Bousquet, District Parliamentary Representative.
     The pattern of voting fluctuated consistenly as it appeared to the staff of the blog that person's were changing their previous choices.
 A complete write-up of Mac's work in the district over the past year will be published soon. Up to the posting of this article Mac could not be contacted.

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