Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mongouge Multi-purpose centre moving along smoothly

 Bousquet's vision for the community of momgouge continues to manifest itself.
This is an update of progress works on the Mongouge Centre.. Workers have been putting in a lot of effort to have this centre completed by the first half of this year.
The residents of this community are anxiously awaiting its completion.
These are some recent pics.


Anonymous said...

Yes! all of sudden, he is busy with his Bluff projects. Do you know of the rehabilitation of the "structurally unsound" Mongouge Multipurpose Court which a team of engineers have been to commissioned to review is also another Mongouge bluff project?

I hope he he has an appropriate public liability insurance policy in place? apparently tucker loves to go to prison; but Lorne will deal with that when the time comes!

Chubby said...

How long has it been since the MP made promises to the the people of Mongouge? Four years. Living in the community it confuses me that four years had to elapse before the commencement of a so called project. The structural integrity of the renovated remains of a battered and bruised community center is immensely questionable especially when the foundation stages were managed & supervised by Jimmy Haynes. When does Jimmy suddenly become builder enough to construct a Community center for WE the people of Mongouge. Or is it a way to get us in there and hope we shake enough to have it come down on we, labour supporters. I mean if jobs have to be created for the boys please don't insult the faces of the Mongouge people. You promised water in our pipes but the taps are drier than ever, employment, but right in our face you use a project to dish out the money for the boys whilst we trod in poverty. At least we can hold our heads up and be proud like we're used to unlike Jimmy who has to answer his call (on the local radio) from the Choiseul Credit Union to use some of the corrupt money to bring some redress to his seemingly prolonged financial distress. One day he is so loyal to the MP, the next he doesn't want to hear a word about him; that's what you get with corrupt relationships. I wish this blog would take some photos of the interior of the building like their rival blog did so people out there can understand what the MP think we are worth: Putting plaster on the wound doesn't cure a thing. Mr. MP, I say too little too late.

Anonymous said...

Bousquet is really a thorn in you guys' side. Nothing he does in your eyes is good enough. Keep critisiing, this only makes him stronger. Mr. Blog wtier keep posting your pics cause you quality surpasses that of the other blog which Chubby mentioned. . It is obvious to persons who read this blog's rival that they are a satellite of Lorne.
But really it is all in vain. Cause he will get a whooping. Will their blog survive after that? I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING cHOISEUL oN tHE mOVE FOR THE PAST FOUR YEARS AND IT HAS BEEN GOOD. PROJECTING RUFUS. PROJECTS. ALL OF A SUDDEN SCUMS WANT TO ATTACK IT.
HYPOCRITES. By the way I would like to know who is Ms Myopic Anononymous?