Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Is "Character assassination" a campaign strategy for Labour?

  Reports/rumours reaching this blog suggests that the campaign strategy for labour is to try to assassinate Bousquet's character up to the next general elections. Their aim is to tell Choiseulians how much of a criminal that Bousquet is. We also learnt that this plan was orchestrated by the top brass of their campaign team. We at this blog are not in a position to prove or disprove these reports.
  Is this all labour has to fight Rufus with for the upcoming elections? Wow! This will not work.  There is nothing new that can be said about the man that we don't know. Rufus will be campaigning strictly on  his "RECORD OF PERFORMANCE" which labour cannot touch.
 It will be interesting  for Choiseulians to  hear what it is  that the Labour's candidate can bring to the table that Bousquet have not brought. Bousquet's performance in the constituency have surpassed every politician that has represented this district over the years. We dare the other side disprove this claim. Bousquet will, after the next election take Choiseul to a higher level... especially in the economic sphere. Keep your eyes peeled.
 Bousquet's campaign will not be dragged down in to  a mud slinging and smearing contest. No way! Bousquet has shown his worth  and will maintain a standard, and the people will make the right choice.
  We have also learnt that the labour's  campaign team has a team of lawyers on the ground monitoring Choiseulians to have them face the courts if anyone speaks about the alleged mishap that the labour candidate had with a female. Is this aiming at silencing us Choiseulians?  Are we going back to the communist days? What is there to lose, that fear must be instilled in potential voters?
   Choiseulians, except during the 1997 elections campaign, have never known intimidation and this time around they will stand up.
Bousquet's campaign has always been clean and simple... never searched for big guns to assist and never went around dishing cash to get votes. This is what makes his campaign stand above the other side's... simple and local people doing simple things to achieve success.
 Let's hope good sense prevails and both side demonsrate a sense  competitiveness,reponsibility and respect for each other.


Anonymous said...

Personally i don't think politics should focus on tarnishing anyone's reputation. Bring ideas to the table, what is it you can offer to Choiseul. Yes Rufus has been seen around undertaking projects, but how many of them are sustainable. Many of the projects that he claims to be the one undertaking were not initiated by him. Bring the truth to light. The voters will surely teach you all a lesson. The labour candidate has no criminal record, he has never been an inmate at the Federal Bureau of Prisons, as you rightly said it was alleged that there was an incident. We know him better than you do and don't mistake him with Rufus.

Anonymous said...

Logix has is taking English classes. And guess who is his teacher? I'll tell you some other time. Keep it up, my brother. I love good writing. By the way, nobody is assassinating Bousquet's character; he has assassinated it himself. And just in case, any of the things said about him is false, then he should emulate Lorne and seek resort in a court of law. But I suspect he and the law are enemies.