Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bousquet holds talks with The Village Council

On Thursday November 25,2010 Bousquet held a meeting with members of the Choiseul Village Council to chart the way forward for the construction of the proposed mini stadium. In addition to the $830,000.00 already in an account at the Choiseul Credit Union Bousquet informed the Council of a further US$30,000.00, which isd a donation from the Portugese Government.
The total amount towards the construction of the stadium now stands at $911,000.00. An estimated target of $1.5M is the proposed target.
Bousquet went on to disclose his vision for the stadium. He sugested that he would like the two fields merge into one major complex with a learning centre,the stadium and a parking area.
A meeting has been slated with all stakeholders for Tuesday November 30, 2010. to chart
the way forward.
The Rep also disclosed to Council an allocation of $150,000.00 as aid to assist with the recovery effort of hurricane Tomas. This decision was taken at a Cabinet meeting held last Monday.
Incidentally today marks the 52nd birthday of the Rep and he couldn't more pleased that handing to Choiseulians the wonderful gift.
Happy Birthday Mr. District Rep! Also today is the birthday of the author of this blog and Lucy Nicholas.


Anonymous said...

I always know Bousquet to be a man of his word. At least this should silence the pessimists. It will be intersting how they respond to this latest development.

Anonymous said...

A plus for the sporting public