Monday, November 15, 2010

JMD Football Finals 2010

      It was the 2010 JMD Bousquet Football Tournament Finals. Over two thousand fans of both teams had turned out to give their support. The atmosphere was exhillarating.

   The feeling on the ground was in favour of Harambe. This team noted for its radicalism was two years ago banned from local competition. Added to thie five players were banned last year.
However they rose to the occassion, defeating the big guns like Ebony, Retired Young and Champion Crew. They deserved their place in this finals.
   Piaye on the other hand, relatively new, promised to offer some resistance. They looked a very young and energetic bunch.
   It was an historical occassion, as both teams have never made any Finals before.
   The crowds kept coming and they were starting to get impatient as the officials were tardy in getting the match started. The toss was won by Harambe and they Chose their side of the field.
From the onstart one could see the determination of the Piaye team as they relentlessly attacked the Harambe's defence. This quickly paid off as in the 17th minute Kapil Joseph netted Piaye's first goal. The crowd went silent. Piaye's fans started their jubilations. In the 31st minute Piaye again scored from the boots of Dwayne Griffin.

By then Harambe was diorganized even to the point where Michele Xavier had to be given a red card. Harambe had their backs to the wall. At half time, Piaye 2 Harambe 0.
Harambe started the second halk with a bang when they scored theira goal in the 47th minute. But this was all the luck they were going to have, as Piaye sealed the game by scoring two more goals.. End of game Piaye 4, Harambe 1.
 At the presentation ceremony numerous monetary prizes were awarded to the officials who helped in making this tournament a success.
 The District rep, the sponsor during his address made a great pronouncement. " I want to let you know that I intend to build a mini stadium here and at this moment there is over eight hundred thousand dollars with the Village Council towards this project" he said. This brought a loud cheer from the sportsfans.
The trophy was presented to the Piaye team  and there followed the partying and jubilations.For his contribution to the sport the Youth and Sports Council presented a plaque of appreciation to the Rep.

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Anonymous said...

"I want to let you know that I intend to build a mini stadium here and at this moment there is over eight hundred thousand dollars with the Village Council towards this project" Bousquet.

A couple of questions here:
What is the money doing with the Village Council? Why not with the Ministry of Youth & Sports which has the mandate for youth & Sports Development? What is the source of the money? What will be the procurement mechanism? How come the Village Council members know nothing about the $850,000?

You see Bousquet continues to misrepresent and deceive the constituency with his backdoor politics?

In this period of national emergency, should an obscured mini stadium be a priority for Choiseul? Could that money be redirected to help hurricane victims or at least go towards the expansion of water services for the constituency? What is Bousquet's blueprint for the development of the constituency in the aftermath of Tomas?