Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Choiseul to get a Mini Stadium

This was like a prophesy,when way back in the 90's when Bousquet said, "When Choiseul cricket is strong St.Lucia cricket will be strong." A man of vision for Choiseul as he has always been, saw this revelation way back.
During his present tenure he has made sure that this statement he made way back then (ask Mc Arthur) must be realised.
Working tete-a-tete with clubs, teams, and to a large extent with the Youth and Sports Council, this vision has materialised. Kudos to the man!
Bousquet has donated sports gear to every team/club in his constituency plus he has over the past three years sponsored both cricket and football tournaments -that is managed by the Sports Council.Over thirty-five thousand dollars have been donated towards these tournaments.Two playing fields have been upgraded in the smaller communities and presently two new ones are being constructed. One in Jetrine and the other in Delcer.By providing the facilities and having the organistion to administrate the tournaments, Bousquet's vision came true.
This year both the senior and U-19 cricket teams made it to the. Inter district cricket tournament. Six U-19 players made the St.Lucia team,two made the Windward Islands team. One of our players even captained the Windwards. Two of our U-15 where selected on the National team.
With our girls three of them are due to be selected on the women's national cricket team this year.
Choiseul sports making strides under Bousquet' watch.
One must not be niave to think that the general public who came out to support their individual teams under all kinds of weather do not deserve their praise as well. Therefore it is with open arms that a Mini Stadium will be welcomed. The spectators and players have suffered too long.
Bousquet has already secured over half a million dollars for ths project.
The sports council has been advised by the rep to meet with all stake holders to dicuss their ideas as to what they would like to see in this stadium.
Can you imagine what a magnificient spectacle that would be.
Yet there are some myopic persons who seem to think that our sporting population do not need a mini stadiumm
What a pity!

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Anonymous said...

This is so funny. Stop making promises which will not be fulfilled. Where's the children's playground ? Wastage of funds, and false promises? We want the truth.